My story

Hello and welcome! Thank you for being here.I'm a business and finance graduate and I have been a fintech professional for more than 10 years. Although I was working in a strictly corporate environment, with challenging project plans, tight deadlines and collaborations with many big corporations, I always found myself focusing on the human factor and on building honest and strong relationships with colleagues, partners and customers. It's a passion of mine to identify what motivates people and how they can perform when they are in an environment, where they feel trusted, safe, valued, challenged and appropriately rewarded. Soon, I started assessing alternatives to manifest a more fulfilling professional life. One thing led to another and I found myself registered for a diploma in coaching. Having experienced the benefits of coaching, I realized that there are methodologies and mechanisms that can actually help individuals reach their goals and transform their lives. It's so powerful and encouraging to know that all answers exist within us and the unique skillset that each of us has, is a valuable resource. Coaching, via its dynamic tools, provides the context, the direction and the development path and the Coach will build the relationship that will support, encourage, empower and drive the Coachee to find the answers.

My background

I’m a certified Professional Coach, with a diploma in evidence-based coaching, accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Coaching (AC). Additionally, I am a certified CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Coaching) and REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Technique) Coach and NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

My passion in the coaching field has led me to pursue multiple certifications & courses in mindset, purpose, confidence and transformational coaching. 

I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus and a master’s degree in Economics & Finance from the University of Glasgow.

I help people that want to change their reality and achieve their goals, but they have no clue where and how to start, to find direction, clarity and purpose, realize and re-gain their power, develop key skills and move towards a more fulfilling life.

I support them, via life coaching & business coaching sessions, to increase their self-awareness, align with their key values and objectives and empower them to take each and every step that will lead them to their destination.

My mission

My approach

My first and ultimate goal is to create the space for my Clients for open conversation, effective communication and trust building. 

I use a range of approaches, based on coaching models, CBT techniques, NLP tools, mindfulness practices and so on, uniquely tailored to each Client’s needs and goals. 

In my 1:1 coaching approach, we will co-create a customized and personalized plan based on your values, working style and where you’re at in your journey.


  • D. M. - Entrepreneur

    I worked with Eirini over the course of several months. She managed to tune into my mission and see who I really am. Her belief in me led me to free my inner strength and make my next career step: making the move from employee to business owner. Now I am running my own business and I feel really confident in myself. I recommend Eirini as an insightful and gifted listener-coach who tends to immerse herself into individual needs, helping me to find my own path (dharma). Eirini thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are among those people who changed my life.

  • F.A. - Engineer

    An experience that changed my life, although I was quite reluctant in the beginning, as I didn't know much about coaching. I worked with Eirini and I have made a huge progress towards my goal. I also have the practical steps and exercises that help me move forward in the future. Eirini's methods, manners and aura are truly all excellent. She really helped me with identifying my strengths and feeling confident, but she also challenged me to take actions. If someone needs coaching, I always recommend Eirini.

  • S. P. - Sales Manager

    Before coaching, I was lost in a self-image that wasn't mine and wasn't serving me anymore. Eirini acted as a mirror, so I was able to see behaviors and patterns that I wanted to leave behind. She also encouraged and empowered me in a way that I didn't even realize how much progress I had made. Deeply grateful for this journey.

  • A.A. - Project Manager

    Eirini is a very talented and helpful Coach! She will understand your interest from the beginning of your sessions and she will drive you to your desired result! Her positive energy and knowledge make this coaching experience magical!

  • C. Z. - Account Manager

    Excellent professional and person. She helped me bring to the surface my real desires, define my key goals and with her practical guidance take the actions that will lead me there.

  • D.S. - CFO

    Eirini is an excellent professional. From our first meeting with her sweetness and positivity I felt familiarity and confidence to share my goals and concerns. With the guidance and various practices that we implement, I recognized my real strengths and formulated an action plan which I continue to this day. I thank her for this experience and highly recommend her!!

  • G.O. - Supply Manager

    Α great professional, she helped me a lot to find the profession that suits me and to discover my skills.

  • I.K. - Business Analyst

    A first class professional. She helped me share, understand and achieve my goals. With each session you feel even more comfortable talking to her and she inspires you with confidence to share and open up. I thank her for her valuable assistance in this round of sessions which we have just completed.

  • E.B. - Portfolio Manager

    Top professional! In a difficult professional period, she helped me set new professional goals, discover and develop my new skills and move forward! I highly recommend her!

  • T.K. - Sales Executive

    From the first moment I spoke to Eirini, I realized that I could discuss everything with her; such a pleasant conversationalist. She guided me in her way and after so many years of thinking, I went where I wanted.I was skeptical at first, not with Eirini but with the process, but I'm glad I made up my mind and continued the journey.

  • G.K. - Business Owner

    An impeccable professional with dedication to what you want to work on; she makes you 'find' yourself again and find what you are asking for. She changes you as a person in my opinion, in essence you see all the issues more clearly both in your personal and professional areas. Truly grateful for what she does with the people who chose her. Thank you Eirini!

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