Mindset coaching

Mindset Coaching

What's Mindset Coaching?

Mindset coaching is all about discovering, practicing and mastering new ways to be more focused, intentional and growth-oriented. In mindset coaching, we uncover thought and behavioral patterns, identify limiting beliefs, and explore possibilities for creating lasting change.Via practical tools, I can support you develop your awareness of the thoughts and emotions that go on in your mind and body and uncover self-sabotaging behaviors that don’t bring you the results you expect in your life. Coaching, growth mindset and neuroplasticity will accompany you in a journey that can literally transform your life.

It's for you, if:

- Hold yourself back due to fear, self-doubt or resistance. - Want to overcome negative self-talk and/or limiting thinking and beliefs. - Are tired of self-sabotage or procrastination. - Have difficulty making a decision. - Want to learn how to cope better with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, obsessive thinking, or feeling out of control. - Want to take your power back and experience a more fulfilling life.

What's the process?

First, we will identify together your goal(s), a meaningful and actionable goal. Next, we will assess the areas that you have identified are blocking/limiting/exhausting you.It’s very important to acknowledge the connection between thoughts, emotions and behaviors, as well as what triggers the thoughts. Adopting a growth mindset is at the center of this process, meaning our strengths and skills are not fixed. Anything that doesn’t work for you, you can change it. Awareness is another key aspect in coaching. You need to be aware of your thoughts and their impact on your day-to-day life. Once you are aware of something that’s not working for you, you can choose to change it and enforce more positive and empowering thoughts. As such, the next key step is to support you in disputing and changing limiting thoughts and beliefs.The last step is to create an improvement plan, that will help you develop required skills, learn a new process and/or practice a behavior.

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Get started and book a free session with me to have a first discussion around your goal and how coaching and I can help you achieve it. Even if your goal is not shaped yet, and you need help with clarifying it, I would be happy to assist and turn this idea into a coaching goal together. The methodologies and tools of evidence-based coaching I use, have the potential and flexibility to be tailored to any goal and need.

Every goal is unique. Every client is unique and brings their own set of strengths, skills, interests, focus and abilities into the coaching relationship. As a result, the development journey and the transformation that can occur, via coaching, is unique as well. Book a session now to discover your unique skillset together.

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Coaching is the process of maximizing a Coachee’s potential in order to achieve his/her goals. Via coaching, the Coach helps the Clients to develop the required personal and professional skills and build an action plan that will support them reaching their goals.

Essentially, Coaching is one and unique. It’s a compact process with specific approaches, methodologies and tools. The usage of terms like life coaching, business coaching etc depends on how each Coach will define the group of Clients that wants to target and specify what kind of coaching services wants to offer. So, a life/ personal coach focuses on personal development and change, a business coach focuses on professional goals and performance, a wellness Coach focuses on health and wellbeing matters and so on.

Their similarities are focused on the very similar methods of questioning and investigation of information. Plus, providing guidance and advice is not recommended in both areas. The differences are multiple, however they are oriented towards the focus given in each type of session.

In psychotherapy, we work with patients, whereas in coaching we have Clients or Coachees.

The objective of a therapeutic session is working on a problematic area, or functional restoration or emotional pain alleviation. The objective of a coaching session is to set goals, find ways to fulfil a Client’s vision, increase performance and develop new skills.

In psychotherapy the focus is on the cause of an event, going back to the past to identify the ‘why’ and how to metabolize the underlying emotions. In coaching, we focus on the solution, our time focus is present and future. We don’t emphasize on the ‘why’ but on ‘how’ – how will I proceed now? What actions shall I take?

Psychotherapy is a long-term process, whereas coaching can last only for some months.

No, coaching is not consulting. In order to get consulting services, the Consultant needs to be in the same field as the Client. For example, if a Client needs financial or marketing advice, they should contact Financial or Marketing companies that provide such kind of services. The Coach cannot provide advice from all kinds of fields and sectors. However, the Coach will drive the Clients to identify the answers that serve them, within them. That’s the essence of self-development. Even if the Coach was/is in the same field as the Client, it’s not ‘allowed’ to share advice and tips, because this is a quick and dirty solution and it actually shows that the Coach does not trust the Coachee to search and identify their own answers. So, from a coaching perspective this is meaningless. However, helping and supporting the Client to find the answers to their questions, problems and challenges is one of the most rewarding and transformational experiences, both the Coach and the Coachee can enjoy.

The focus is always oriented towards the Client’s goal. A typical session usually includes the agenda of each session, discussion around progress and lessons learned from the previous one, the session’s dedicated goal, reflection time and next steps until the next session.

A coaching session lasts between 50-60 minutes. The first session, also called Contract, can last up to 90 minutes.

The recommended occurence of the sessions is weekly, but it’s dependent on the Client’s availability, too. During the phase of the Action Plan’s implementation the occurence of the meetings can be bi-weekly or monthly. In any case, the sessions’ occurence is agreed between the Coach and the Coachee.

The duration of a Coach-Coachee cooperation depends on the Coachee’s goals (amount and timeframe). However, a typical cooperation can take between 10-15 sessions.

During a coaching relationship, you can expect to get clarity on your goals and your why behind these goals. You will get more connected to your vision and aligned with your core values. You will feel that you are in open, honest, trusted space with full acceptance and respect. Additionally, you will be challenged to assess your needs, your beliefs and your mindset. You will feel empowered, confident and encouraged to constantly move forward. You will also increase your self-awareness and you will practically realize what is your unique skillset that motivates you to succeed. You won’t get advice and tips from me, because that would mean I don’t trust your capabilities, but I will help you find the answers within you.

You will be able to realize the benefits of coaching quite quickly, irrespectively of your goal’s timeline. The results of each session’s reflection time, the lessons learned between the sessions, plus the actions that you will take in the meantime will help you make positive changes in your life and they will be observable even from our very first sessions.

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